Product leadership must be about virtue, not just volume.

Minimizing environmental impact is a critical component of our platform.


Henry Automatic Controls are designed to control critical functions, based on parameters set in advance. From controlling temperature in fridges and cold rooms, to keeping compressor oil levels in the correct range. Our quality philosophy, means that these products do their job unnoticed, yet highly relied upon.


Henry Fan Motors are designed to be rugged and reliable, whilst also saving energy over conventional fan motors, with cutting edge EC technology and superior bearing design. Engineered to be lighter but stronger, using modern thermoplastic materials.


Henry Filter Driers, Desiccants and Filter Media have been designed to provide superior moisture and particulate removal, whilst maintaining excellent flow capabilities. Independently tested for flow capacity under ARI conditions, you can be assured of continuously clean and dry systems with increased energy efficiency.


Henry Flow controls have a variety of functions; from isolating parts of the system for maintenance, to providing remote control of flow, or flow in one direction. Each flow control has been designed with efficiency in mind, to ensure that they perform their intended function when required while not adversely affecting the system when they are not.


Henry Heat Exchangers are designed to remove heat from the sub-cooled liquid line, thus transferring heat to the superheated vapor to increase superheat on the suction line, resulting in higher compressor volumetric efficiency and preventing flash gas in the liquid line. Case studies have shown up to a 13% increase in C.O.P. using these heat exchangers.


Henry Piping Components are precision made with exacting tolerances not usually found in the general market. Our copper and brass fittings have been the gold standard for over 90 years and are fully compliant with ISO 5149 pressure ratings. Our new K65 Copper tube and fittings are rated to 120 Bar and are suitable for CO2 Transcritical systems. Discharge mufflers and vibration eliminators complete the line.


Henry Pressure Vessels are designed to CE, UL/ASME, AS1210 and Chinese TSG codes. From Liquid Receivers, Accumulators and Oil Reservoirs, to the Famous Patented Helical Oil Separator and now, a new range of Coalescing Separators using revolutionary filtration media which prolongs running time and prevents “blowouts”. Customized vessels are also available on request.


Henry Safety Devices are designed to comply with global pressure vessel codes. X series valves are capable of limiting blow down to less than 15%, to ensure safe pressure control with lower loss of expensive and environmentally damaging refrigerant. Our unique Sentry System is fully compliant with ISO 5149 and EN 378. The addition of pressure switches and tell tales can further enhance the protective system.


Henry System Indicators provide a means of monitoring levels, flow and system dryness conditions. Our level switches use infrared technology to detect liquid levels in vessels and compressors. Our level probes provide a real time feedback of liquid refrigerant levels in the Liquid Receiver, to alert when levels are unexpectedly low, which could signal a leak or another system failure.