Our aim is to be the most advanced manufacturing company, of any size, on the planet.

From the imagination of man, machines that think.

In the construction industry, intelligent manufacturing brings a level of value and advantage never before experienced, only imagined.

Already Living In The Future

Our competitors talk about smart manufacturing. We’re installing it. Right now, our engineers are completing the first phase of an intelligent manufacturing platform that interacts seamlessly between machines, between machines and people, and at all points in the manufacturing process.

Our factory of the future will have the ability to make faster, more efficient decisions ensuring a steady and stable supply chain with on-time delivery no matter how tight the production deadline.

A Supply Chain Platform With Intelligence At Every Level

This platform will extend upstream to our second and third tier component suppliers at the front end of the supply chain.

The information collected from these suppliers is fed into our data management system, and used to enable active management of our manufacturing, quality testing, certification and inventory control operations. The goal is product delivered on-time, at the right price, with zero defects.

The Ability To Respond To Opportunity

Our vision is for the intelligent factory to have the ability to learn from its environment and adjust its processes automatically. Within the factory, production lines will identify inventory replenishment requirements, summon the components required for production as needed, and feed these components into the production line.

Leveraging The Human Factor

The operators in our integrated factory are highly qualified individuals charged with developing and maintaining sophisticated machinery and processes in a tightly controlled environment. All equipment in this platform will have the ability to initiate health checks, self-diagnose and then call for maintenance when needed.

Do you have the imagination and passion to be part of this vision?


Smart laser reads engineering drawings and precision cuts components.