The components we make for you must do more than
perform their functions. They must earn your trust.

Rigorous, unyielding inspection ensures flawless production.

At Henry ®, we wake up every day dedicated to setting the standard in manufacturing. From innovation to after-sales service, we believe this is the one true path to fulfilling our vision of excellence.

Best Practice. Now In Practice.

Not only do we adopt the best practices, we typically invent them.

Our newly installed moisture indicator manufacturing line is a perfect example. We scrutinized every product on the market, targeted weaknesses that had never been addressed, and got to work to make our universal moisture indicator the best available.

In our laboratory, our engineers developed new materials that could survive a stringent stress corrosion cracking test and created a new method of capturing the glass insert, earning a rare UL listing approval. Our moisture indicator production strategy also lowered the mass of the components by 40%, and significantly reduced contaminants produced during the hot joining of the body to the copper connectors. And throughout the design process, our engineers crafted every moisture indicator innovation to be completely automated, reducing error and most importantly, cost.

The life cycle of our moisture indicator, like all of our products, is recorded through a proprietary technology platform that tracks the entire production cycle. Our computers analyze data collected during manufacturing and make corrections if necessary, then inspect each component for imperfections. From there, we monitor the journey through our automated inventory management system so that every item leaving our facility is fully traceable.

Staying Ahead Of Your Products Expiration Date.

At Henry ®, product evolution drives our competitive reality. Our engineering research center operates under the assumption that each component has room for improvement, so as technology and materials change, so do we. Our product development managers create and adopt the most innovative engineering technologies in the industry, so that everything we make is market leading. All of our improvements are built to be easily incorporated into existing components, eliminating expensive system modifications.

We also optimize manufacturing efficiency while honoring our company’s dedication to environmental sustainability. This balance allows us to be flexible and highly responsive to the needs of our customers across the globe while staying responsible stewards of the earth.

A Culture Of Innovation

Manufacturing innovation at Henry ® is not an industry buzzword, it defines the culture we’re building. Our laboratories house a team of engineers with more than 75 combined years of generating creative solutions to manufacturing. From developing advanced robotics to redesigning products for worldwide application, we work closely with our business partners, no matter the size. This collaboration results in our most successful ideas, and we believe this organic environment is the only system that can support real innovation.

Henry Group Industries is a company for present and future generations of engineers, technicians and OEMs. Products carrying our brand are sold globally with confidence you can count on first time, every time.


Our moisture indicators are possibly the most reliable ever made.