One principle defines our quality assurance program. We dont compromise.

Flawless output begins with a QR code.

At Henry ®, we strive to make failure impossible. If a product has ever shown weakness, wear or inefficiencies, we’ve fixed it, improved it, recreated the product itself or the method that made it. But this uncompromising standard is only as good as our quality assurance process.

So, the journey of a Henry ® component — from acquiring raw materials to shipping the finished, inspected piece — begins with a QR code, a badge that guarantees nothing escapes our quality assurance tracking system. If a product doesn’t pass our intensive screening process, it doesn’t earn the Henry ® imprimatur.

A Starting Line Ahead

Even before a product reaches final inspection, it has already been subjected to a battery of tests during its creation. Henry ® robotics, infrared scanners, helium gas sniffers, pressure decay sensors and production-line video monitoring are built into our manufacturing process.

And at the start of this process, every part of every component is tagged with an identifying QR code, eventually allowing for automatic monitoring, real-time feedback and instantaneous problem solving. Our goal is that every single component moving through our production platform will follow this uncompromising principle.

Executing To The Higher Standard

Our premium oil-level regulators exemplify the Henry ® strategy. Highly sensitive to minute imperfections, a regulator must pass intense scrutiny of its dimensional and finish specifications — both externally and internally. We start by using the best machining supplier in the industry, a specialist who uses a single set-up to produce exacting concentricity. Upon arrival, every component is screened using Manufacturing Execution Systems video, then given its QR code.

A finely calibrated robot welds the assembled regulators into a single piece — removing errors introduced in multiple-stage welds — while we continue to keep track of its progress. If any aspect of the assembly or materials displays signs of weakness, the system alerts our engineers. Finally, once the regulator leaves production, it enters Henry ® ’s quality assurance system where it undergoes a critical round of testing.

The Space For Excellence

More than ten percent of Henry ® ’s manufacturing space is dedicated to final inspection and analysis, nothing else. As experts in the field of manufacturing, we trust our systems. Just as our production facility is fully automated, our screening process employs the highest standard of testing technology in the industry.

When an oil-level regulator has left production, for example, our lab tests it for gas tightness and submits it to a customized electronic monitoring system built specifically to scrutinize every functional aspect of the component. Finally, after the regulator is painted, the finish is inspected both electronically and by hand. Our QC teams are highly trained, ranging in experience from pharmaceutical engineers to former military personnel, all with decades of practical experience.

The journey, in many ways, has now just begun. The Henry ® brand promise is only achieved when a product arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Shipping efficiency is just as critical to our engineers as stress testing. Even a misaligned label is straightened before leaving our doors.

A Henry ® product that passes every level of quality assurance has earned its QR code, a record of excellence that follows the component from the production floor to packaging, to the shipping deck, across oceans and continents, and finally, to our clients.


People are the backbone of a quality assurance program.