Freedom to imagine. The hallmark of the Henry ® engineering culture.

Inspiration and imagination lead to innovation; the highest form of human endeavor.

The uninhibited curiosity that fuels a young mind also drives the best scientists. These are the engineers at Henry ®.

This spirit of creativity, when led by our exacting standards and highly skilled training, ensures you of the finest products in the industry.

Transforming Acceptable Into Exceptional

We actively cultivate a culture of discovery in our engineering laboratory, and challenge our engineers to push beyond self-imposed limitations and accepted norms in the industry. The evolution of Henry ® ’s coalescing separators is a perfect example.

Since coalescing separators are used in a wide range of applications to remove contaminants from fuels and gases, their performance is critical to maximizing efficiency. When a high particulate load chokes the filters, it can lead to “blow outs” under pressure and a spike in energy expenditure.

This is where our engineers recognized an opportunity; design an element that can out-perform the current technology. Working with the leading filter manufacturers, we jointly engineered a new filtration solution, then used mathematical modeling and 3D CAD-generated prototypes to design a higher-pressure housing system. After rigorous testing in the field, we produced a coalescing separator that saves greenhouse gasses and expensive filter changes, all while satisfying CE and UL global agency requirements.

The Value Of Collaboration

Our process for turning creativity into form and function is essential to delivering the kind of quality Henry ® embodies. But we don’t work alone. During the final stages of creating any of our products, we seek critical involvement with our industry partners and clients’ engineers as we fine-tune our working prototypes and drawings for manufacture.

The Hands-on Process Toward Perfection

The integrity of our production is as critical as the design of our products, and our engineers often develop their own tooling and manufacturing practices. Guided by a strict Production Part Approval Process, every step is accountable. We verify the design under mass production conditions, then submit each product to rigorous testing, from chemical properties analysis of the raw materials to inspection of packaging materials.

Our engineers are deeply invested in the products that carry the Henry ® brand. They want to give you the assurance that you have purchased not just a product, but a promise.


Thanks to inspired engineering, our coalescing separator is the industry gold standard.