The tenacity of life is a marvel. We are obligated to protect it.

Making The World A Better Place, From The Inside Out

In an industry where “sustainability” can promise little more than environmentally friendly platitudes, we live it. This is the philosophy that built and drives our business. Our approach is rooted in the belief that every level of our company, from practice to product, must meet the highest standards for clean production, support the well being of our people and give back to the world in which we operate.

It’s not just the right thing to do; it makes us socially, culturally and economically successful.

Designed With A Conscience

During the construction of our facility, we saw the opportunity to lessen our environmental impact at every step. When not lit by the sun, our plant relies on LED lighting. Energy-saving machinery, scrap metal recycling and clean transport are commonplace.

Even our air-conditioning uses adiabatic cooling, the lowest-impact air-conditioning system available. The hallmark to sustainable manufacturing is in our production building, where energy and emissions-savings are woven throughout the facility.

For example, we’ve adopted a paint-line oven that captures and redistributes heat absorbed and emitted by the finished, painted components. We’ve created point-of-use, demand-based air multipliers for our air-pressure testing, saving electricity, storage vessels and emissions. We recycle the gas used for our helium testers, resulting in a near net-zero waste. In our refrigeration production line, we collaborated with our business partners to create an ultrasound-guided cleaning system, allowing for precision application of a moderate pH solution, bypassing the caustic chemicals typically seen in refrigeration production.

As the technology becomes available, we’ll continue to upgrade our facility to be the most efficient manufacturing production center possible.

Outside Our Walls

Beyond our own building, we have choices. From paper to chemical suppliers, we work only with suppliers who share our values. This means the wood harvested for packaging large vessels and moisture detection paper must be sustainably certified. The low-toxicity chemicals and metals we source have traceability to producers with European RoHS and REACH accreditation, ensuring environmental standards are exceeded. And finally, we operate with conflict-free recognized suppliers, adopting a strict policy of rejecting anything that doesn’t meet this requirement.

When our products leave the factory, they continue to impart our sustainable commitment. Henry ® components are known to be energy efficient, flow efficient, rugged designs with infrequent replacement. Our safety valves are low emission yet high performance, our EC fan motors save 70% of energy usage compared to similar sized alternatives. Our range of CO2-compatible products is a leader in the move toward components that reduce greenhouse gases.

The Ultimate Resource

There’s no more important resource at Henry ® than our people. Both inside and outside of our factory, the well-being and support of our community is tantamount to sustaining the environment. At our facility, we hire a diverse workforce, give our day-to-day employees a healthy meal of fresh food, and provide regular flu shots and hearing tests.

One of our employment resources is Creative Opportunities, an award-winning nonprofit organization that places disadvantaged and disabled people in good jobs. We provide transportation for employees, and encourage bicycling to work. And finally, we make sure that our working environment is safe, celebrates achievement, and supports the future of employees through education and opportunity.

Our intent is to not only have an impact on the future of the environment, but to also encourage those who participate in this endeavor. If you share our values, either as a customer, supplier or prospective employee, we urge you to get in touch with us. Together we can make a significant difference.


To conserve energy, our paint-line oven captures and redistributes heat from the finished, painted components.